Easily extend MyDashboard with value-adding business aplications that will help you to digtially transform key HR-processes along employers, their employees as well as external professional service provider.


Invoice App

Generate and share invoices with your clients

Use the Invoice App to automatically generate and share invoices with your valuable clients. Invoices are sent individually upon completion of a one-time service or monthly when a client has subscribed to an recurring service. 

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Accounting App

Share sensitive information securely along employers and their employees

Use the Accounting App to easily upload sensitive information to MyDashboard. Your clients will receive a notification when their carefully accounting documents are securely accessible in a central space.

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Payroll App

Share monthly payroll slips with employers and their employees

Use the Payroll App to let your clients assign their employees to their monthly payroll service subscription. Employers have the ability to review and approve individual payroll slips before individual employees will receive a notification that their payroll slips are available in MyDashboard. 

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Recruiting App

Publish new job vacancies and manage applications in MyDashboard

Use the Recruiting App to easily create new job vacancies directly in MyDashboard. Publish your vancies to your corporate website with a single clickt. Manage recieved job applications with the help of an awesome talent funnel. But most importantly, browser your pool of talent to find older applications again when needed.

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Proposal App

Save time preparing new service proposals and automatically share them with clients

Use the Proposal App to seamlessly create and manage service proposals directly in MyDashboard. When ready, eletronically share service proposals with your clients. Upon reception a client will be able to accept the service with a single click. It is also possible for clients to reject the service offer by leaving a message for the provider. 

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Service Marketplace

Offer your standardized professional services packages to individual business clients

Use the Professional Services Marketplace to digitally quote and offer their professional services to indivdiual business clients directly in MyDashboard.

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Reference App

Introduce your customer reference cases in the context of the interest of your business clients

Your customer reference cases will be automatically displayed in the context of the interest of your business clients. Whether your clients are looking at your service portfolio on your website or on your marketplace for professional services within MyDashboard.

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