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The MyDashboard Reference App


The MyDashboard Reference App allows professional services providers to introduce their powerful customer success stories in the moment their clients show interest in the context of a particular professional service.

The MyDashboard Service Reference App provides the following value-adding services to provider of professional services:

  • Use the Reference App to create a portfolio of powerful customer reference cases and sucess stories
  • Match each customer reference case and success story with a particular professional service and/or service category
  • Whenever a business client browses the portfolio of professional services the customer reference cases and success stories will be introduced pre-filtered in the context to the interest of the particular client
  • Increase the value of your service portfolio by introducing the
    MyDashboard Reference App to your corporate webiste and 
    the MyDashboard Service Marketplace.

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Provide a invoice dashboard for your business clients as well as for your own accounts receivable team.